# Cloud Workflows

Cloud Workflows brings new conditions, validators and post functions to Jira Cloud! Thanks to either our easy templates or your custom Jira Expressions, you gain more fine-grained control of your workflows. Our flexible post functions further enhance your workflow's productivity.

# Conditions & Validators

Are your workflows held back by the limited amount of conditions and validators available in Jira Cloud? No more!

Cloud Workflows adds fully customizable conditions and validators to Jira Cloud that help you to build efficient workflows with ease. Choose from our long lists of templates or build your own expressions tailored to your needs.

# Post Functions

The best way to improve workflow efficiency is by using workflow automation – which is exactly what Cloud Workflows' post functions allow you to do! Automatically create new issues, add comments and even update and calculate field values.

# Jira Expressions

Cloud Workflows makes use of Jira Expressions, a powerful Domain Specific Language that brings a huge amount of flexibility to your workflows. Not only are Jira Expressions the basis for all conditions and validators, but you can also use them to control the automation of your post functions.

issue.sprint.state == ‘active’